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We at Lavendel Wien absolutely love Indian design, especially block printing. Our goal is to combine Indian design with a European colour palette. We produce our waffle pique towels and linen napkins in Austria and embroider them with motifs derived from our favourite wooden blocks from India here in Vienna. We also design bed linens from home in Vienna and produce them in Jaipur. We hope you will enjoy adding a spice of India to your bed and bath!

The 100% cotton fabrics used in our bedding are produced in India, hand printed with wooden blocks and natural dyes, and then sewn into bed sheets and lightweight “dohar” blankets. Each block print is a classic Indian form, but the colours we use look “right” in Europe as they are subtle and calming. The geometric spacing of the printing is elegantly understated, so that the bedding suits both modern and traditional interiors.  The cotton percale of the bedsheets is crisp, soft and very strong.  We sell our bed sheets in single sized duvet covers measuring 140 x 200 cm, as well as in a wider format of 200 x 200 cm. We have pillow covers in which one can slot several sizes of pillows-- namely: 40 x 60 cm, 60 x 80 cm and 70 x 90 cm (Austrian standards). 


Our beautiful lightweight summer blankets measure 150 x 225 cm and 225 x 225 cm. They are sewn from three layers of fine and translucent pure cotton muslin that feels like silk and are bound by a cotton band. The middle layer is first printed with a blocked design; the layers of muslin in front and in back of the design allow the design to peek through in an especially alluring way on both sides. In the case of dohars with a light blue binding, they are plain unprinted muslin; the block printed designs are bound by a band made of the muslin itself.  The dohar colours and designs coordinate perfectly with our bed sheets, and work just as well under a warm blanket in winter.

We have embroidered our 100% cotton waffle pique towels and linen towels with motifs derived from classical Indian wood blocks. The waffle pique towels come in a generous 110 x 150 cm as a large bath towel and 50 x 100, 50 x 70 and 35 x 70 cm for hand, kitchen and guest towels. The embroidery colours match with the colours in our bed sheets. We love the look of the towels carefully placed at the end of a guest bed bedecked with one of our duvet covers.


Another fabric we use at Lavendel wien is linen--a lovely, thick weave that is nevertheless supple and drapes beautifully.  We feature generous, traditionally sized (50 x 50 cm) linen napkins in a variety of really attractive colours.  To create a particularly playful and original look, place several colours together.  We find that using cloth napkins immediately makes for a much more elegant table and is also environmentally friendly!  My family loves the napkin-ring system.  

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