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3 layers 100% cotton muslin



Indians use these summer blankets in extreme heat for a bit of covering, or when the air conditioning is too cold. In fact, they are sometimes called "air conditioning blankets" there.  Like their traditional counterpart, our dohars are made from three layers of super-soft 100% cotton muslin fastened together by a border. The rim on this design is made of specially-dyed light blue cotton. For the plain design with a light blue rim, there is no printing, making for a very simple, elegant, modern, and traditional look. Dohars are extremely soft, take up very little space when folded and are addictive in heat or cold (with a blanket on top)!  An excellent look is a dohar paired with the matching pillow cover.  


It is best to wash dohars cold and line dry. Please do not use bleach detergent as the rim will fade. Iron for best effect. 

Blue Rim Dohar

€ 80,00Price
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